Yoga for beginners your prevention course

Most people are familiar with yoga and it is becoming more and more common. This article explains why yoga is suitable as a preventive measure, what a prevention course means, and why you should think about beginner yoga courses.

Why a yoga prevention course at all ?
Who does not know it: We rotate 24/7 and are always on the move. Everyday life sometimes overwhelms us more than we’d like. The fact is: we are stressed more and more often. Around 80% of Germans regularly suffer from stress. Statistically speaking, women are a little more affected than men, but generally speaking, we are a stressed bunch. Why could that possibly be a problem? We explain it briefly:

What is stress anyway?
1. increased physical or emotional tension, stress that causes certain reactions and can lead to damage to health

Stress manifests itself in new different ways and can affect the body and mind. In stressful new situations, hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released to prepare the body for maximum stress briefly. This condition normalizes as soon as the stressful situation is over.

This reaction of the body is necessary and helpful in dangerous situations. It only becomes problematic when this condition manifests itself through constant stress, which can have health consequences. These can express themselves on the physical as well as on the psychological level. Persistent stress can lead to cardiovascular complaints, gastrointestinal problems, tension, inner restlessness, nervousness, poor concentration, depression, and panic attacks. It is not possible to say in general whether and in what form such consequences occur when there is too much stress; Even so, you shouldn’t underestimate stress as a cause of such effects. That’s why it’s worth thinking about prevention courses.

By the way: stress is not always necessarily negative. To some extent, pressure can also drive us to perform better. One of the others then speaks of positive stress, which ensures that we are more productive in the short term because the pressure drives us.

But what is fundamentally true is how to deal with stress. We should be vigilant and not ignore the first signs – or even better act with foresight, for example, with our prevention courses.

A health course for your stress management
yoga meditation prevention
In order to avoid chronic stress and the resulting consequences, it is worth taking preventive measures. Did you know that all statutory health insurances cover such prevention courses? The statutory health insurance companies have a wide range of courses for you that they can take over. So it is new worthwhile to find out what your health insurance company is offering as preventive measures.

Health courses range from exercise courses to nutrition courses and stress management and relaxation courses. These can be completed in sports facilities with the appropriate certification: For example here in Cologne, because all of our trainers are trained so that our courses meet the requirements of statutory health insurances.

Prevention courses in Cologne
We at Fitnesskaiser offer you the opportunity to attend such prevention courses with us – whether Bootcamp for more physical activity in your everyday life or yoga courses so that you can relax better. Our courses are all PZP-certified and are even covered in full depending on the health insurance company.

Why even a prevention course?
Whether yoga prevention courses or other health courses – you could now ask yourself what this is all about. And the new answer is actually quite simple: we already told you about the negative effects of stress; With prevention courses, we want to avoid these negative effects before they occur specifically. Because, as the name Prevention Course suggests, it is about preventive – that is, preventive – to ensure that massive stress symptoms do not arise in the first place. Of course, this also applies to physical complaints.

For example, if you have an office job and sit a lot, yoga is a good way to bring movement into your everyday life and prevent typical complaints. Why wait for the back pain if you can proactively do something about it? It has certainly happened with each of us at one point or another that we have only noticed the effects of something when it is actually too late. This is, of course not always necessarily dramatic, but for your own health, you shouldn’t wait until you have to get the cow off the ice. So why not try a yoga beginner course that you don’t even have to pay for at least for the most part? which at least, for the new most part, do you not even have to pay yourself? Which, at least for the new most part, do you not even have to pay yourself?

Hatha Yoga for beginners – your relaxation oasis
Part of our range of courses in yoga for beginners. This means that you don’t have to have any previous experience. Because the course is about you to relax and come to rest. In no second is it about showing performance or going to any limit. The primary goal is to create an oasis of relaxation for you.

We practice the Hatha Yoga style with us. Hatha Yoga is probably the most famous yoga style in the western world and is based on three basic components: body, breathing and meditation. The combination of physical exercise and even breathing ensure that your body shuts down and you can relax deeply. Technically, we speak of asanas and pranayama. You have probably heard of the sun salutation or characters like the looking down dog or the cobra, these are all part of Hatha Yoga Asanas. Yoga not only improves your flexibility, but also trains your patience, an important point that can affect how you deal with stress.

How does yoga affect the body?
Yoga affects the body on different levels, as yoga itself is also based on different building blocks. On the one hand, the asanas ensure that your muscles are strengthened, you become more flexible and can thus prevent tension and pain. The other building block, deep and even breathing, ensures that your body is supplied with more oxygen – a positive effect in the case of heart disease, for example.

Breathing also activates the parasympathetic nervous system of your autonomic nervous system; At the same time, the sympathetic, the “stress nerve”, is suppressed. The result is that your blood pressure drops, which in turn is good for your heart. If you do yoga, you have to concentrate on many things at the same time, both the asanas and even breathing. So your brain is being used a lot, and that’s a good thing because yoga practice is like a kind of brain jogging for you and promotes your concentration.

All of these physical effects also affect your mind, by the way. The relaxation associated with yoga positively affects your sleep and can also bring your hormonal balance back into balance. This can get confused when there is too much stress. In our yoga for beginners prevention courses, you can experience all these and other positive effects of yoga on your body and mind.

This can get confused when there is too much stress. In our yoga for beginners prevention courses, you can experience all these and other positive effects of yoga on your body and mind. This can get confusing when there is too much stress. In our yoga for beginners prevention courses, you can experience all these and other positive effects of yoga on your body and mind.

Yoga for beginners – you have to bring that with you
As mentioned briefly above, the answer is quite simple. You don’t have to bring new anything special for our yoga health courses. Our courses for beginners – by the way, there will soon be yoga in Cologne Südstadt – are designed so that everyone can participate. With or without previous experience, it doesn’t matter. The yoga prevention courses are not about pushing your limits, but rather making your life a little bit more relaxed. So all you need is the will to get involved in the health course, relaxed clothing and that’s it

As you can see, yoga has many benefits for you and your health. And enough to attend a yoga class and learn how yoga affects you. So if you know that stress management could be an issue for you or you may already notice the first signs of stress, then try to deal with it proactively. Of course, everyone reacts differently to stress, and no general statements can be made about it, but conversely, you only have to gain from a preventive measure.

Yoga Cologne Südstadt – One of three course locations
We at Fitnesskaiser always try to provide you with the best possible training, which is why we offer our health courses at various locations in Cologne. Therefore, you can attend our yoga courses in Cologne’s Südstadt, the city and the Agnesviertel!

Did you know that in addition to our yoga for beginners courses, we also offer Bootcamp and fascia courses with health insurance reimbursement? For our entire range of courses and all locations.

If you have any questions about our yoga for beginners prevention courses or other health courses, please write to us or just give us a call For all specific questions about reimbursement, please see our FAQs or contact your health insurance company directly.

Until then, stay healthy and face the stress of everyday life in a more relaxed manner. Your Fitnesskaiser team