The Importance Of Food

The importance of nutrition has been taught to every person who is dedicated to the world of sports or performs any physical activity to improve their fitness. 

Humans get nutrients from food. These give us-the energy that our body needs to function daily. Although it is-essential to know what vitamins, fats, and sugars-the food we eat contain, in the world of sports, what is most often talked about is the already known calories. They are essentially the unit-of energy that our body needs to function and carry-out the activities necessary for the day today. It is estimated that an adult person should consume approximately 1,900 calories in the case of women or about 2,200 in the-case of being a man.

Importance of healthy eating

When we speak or refer to the-importance of healthy eating, we must understand this concept as something linked to our daily lives. Leading healthy lifestyle-habits accompanied by a correct diet will help us function the faculties of our body entirely. The problem of consuming foods-with many fats or oils can lead to cardiovascular diseases. The correct thing is to do the-same and avoid trans fats, fried-foods, and junk food.

Carrying out a healthy diet is-very simple; remember that the quantity is harmful, not the food itself. Therefore, consuming foods that belong to the food-groups variedly is vital. Looking at this table, you can see and-deduce which foods are the healthiest when preparing.


Food Group Chart

food group

cheese, milk-Dairy products

eggs,meat,-animal protein

potatoes, legumes, Vegetal protein

tomatoes, lettuce,-Fruits, and vegetables

Bread, cereals carbohydrates

oil, butterfats


What is the importance-of a good diet?

The question-about the-importance of a good diet or what the perfect diet is based on is often resolved with common sense. The topic of eating-vegetables and five fruits a day may not be so topical. If what worries-us is having a-belly and feeling good, we must start taking care of-what we eat. It is true that with the stress of-everyday life or-when you are away from home, the most frequent thing is to resort to-the typical fast food, which is usually cooked with sunflower oils that are always overused. Due to its speed and-cheap cost, we can deduce that-although what we eat contains different types of-food that belong to two or three groups on the-food table, they are not always the healthiest or the most elaborate.



Fortunately, today we have a wide variety of-alternatives (such as the purifying diet ) that-we can consider, and society is becoming aware of it. 

Sweets and fatty-foods are rich in calories, which can lead us to think that this is positive since-calories are our body’s energy. But without going-any further from reality, they are empty calories since they do not provide-essential nutrients or vitamins. And, if we do not-burn these extra calories, they accumulate in the form of fat, favoring the appearance of obesity. We must be cautious with what-we give for breakfast or snacks to the little ones. It is true-that children are the most active and have a high caloric-intake, but we can always help them by offering them healthy-foods rather than processed sweets.