The Best Supplements for Bodybuilders

If you’re a bodybuilder or extreme fitness enthusiast, you know that building muscle comes with the need to put in an intense effort in every workout.

You know that you have to progressively increase the weight of barbells and dumbbells to get decent results.

But something you also know is that physical stress is high, which is why certain precautions must be taken during the development of your activity in the gym.

To achieve real progress, you have to-feed the body with a good diet, providing the nutrients needed to repair tissues and make them grow.

Moreover, do not forget to drink a lot of water if necessary.

But what happens when what we eat in our meals is not enough? In these cases, it is necessary to resort to specific supplements to ensure that extra nutritional quota.

Now, there are many types of supplements, and not all of them are as necessary or effective as you might imagine, not to mention the cost/benefit, and by cost, I mean the price.

That’s why it’s essential-to have a list of crucial supplements so that anyone who wants to take it to the next level can push their dietary limits without spending money unnecessarily. So are we going to see them?



First, and by far, are protein supplements (not surprising, right?).

We all know that when we are training at high levels, it is more than necessary to increase the consumption of quality proteins to keep the muscles growing.

While  THE RECOMMENDED DAILY DOSE FOR PROTEIN  is 1.0-1.4 grams per kilogram of body weight per day for an adult male under normal conditions, this amount is not enough for muscle development training where tissue repair and growth must be taken into account.

That’s why having a variety of protein sources is essential, so beef, chicken, and fish should also be in your diet. And if with this you cannot reach 2 gr/kg daily, then it is time to go for a Whey Protein supplement.

Protein supplements can be consumed before, during, or after training; it depends on your needs and goals. You can see more about protein supplements here:  PROTEIN SUPPLEMENTS.


Perhaps you did not expect to see this here, as if it were any other traditional supplement.

But let me tell you that many weightlifters spend their salaries on all kinds of pre and post-workout formulas and ergogenic supplements without considering the needs of essential nutrition.

If you engage in significant physical activity, using a multivitamin can be critical to ensuring that your body has all the vitamins and minerals it needs to carry out all of the various biological processes involved in muscle building and the entire array of functions metabolic.

So this is something you can start to consider if you think you’re not eating right. You can see more on the subject in VITAMINS  and  MINERALS.


Depending on the activity you choose, stimulants such as  CAFFEINE  can be helpful, but do not forget that too much can be harmful.

However, the current trend in pre-workout products is another type of “workout stimulant.”

Don’t worry, and we are not talking about taking amphetamines to train hard, but about the use of compounds already proven by different types of research, such as  CREATINE  and Beta-Alanine, substances that contribute to  GENERATE AN ANABOLIC  and anticatabolic STATE (respectively).

You should have already made the corresponding meals to maintain an adequate nutritional level, huh. Do not think that these supplements replace the  NUTRIENTS OF THE MEALS.


To maximize your anabolic growth, you have to fuel your muscles properly after each workout.

When you finish training, your muscles are depleted of glycogen, your ATP stores are greatly diminished, and you are left in need of amino acids to prevent catabolism and ensure anabolic repair.

As I mentioned before, a good protein load after training can help with amino acid replenishment, but that’s only part of the story.

Unless you can eat the correct ratio of carbohydrates and protein after intense training, you will need a complete post-workout supplement to meet your physical needs.

And in this sense, if money is not a big problem, you can go for a supplement whose formula has  BCAA,  GLUTAMINE, and proteins to stimulate growth and recovery, which in turn contains a mixture of carbohydrates, to replenish muscle glycogen quickly. . (There are formulations with all these components in a single container).

We will use this as a post-training, which does not mean that you do not have to have dinner properly, huh.