Sleep is the best way to lose weight

Can you imagine being able to lose weight while sleeping? Indeed, the rest of the body is directly related to your weight. However, we must not forget that physical exercise and diet are two essential points. Experts point out that the quality of your sleep is also decisive for your fitness plan.

Sleep loses weight. In short, sleeping more makes you feel less hungry and therefore eat much less. Do you still not believe it? I prove it to you in these five points.

  1. You eat less

Many people believe that hunger is related to willpower and that, to control it, all you have to do is hold your impulses. That is not right. The feeling of hunger is controlled by two hormones (leptin and ghrelin), and sleep is the best way to regulate them.

Leptin is the hormone in charge of telling your brain that it is complete. Ghrelin, meanwhile,  is the hormone that stimulates appetite. Lack of sleep or poor-quality sleep directly affects these two hormones, reducing leptin levels and increasing ghrelin levels. A recent study in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that people who did not sleep well ate up to  300 more calories than those who had adequate rest.

  1. You prevent the absorption of fat.

After a good night’s sleep, your head feels more precise and ready to work at 100%. The truth is that these types of nights have surprising benefits for the body and mind. It is proven that stress and anxiety make it very difficult to lose weight. When you feel anxious and are more easily indulged in treats and treats, the body tends to produce more choristersThis hormone, activated by stress, raises blood sugar levels and causes the metabolism to absorb more fat than usual. Analyze the conditions that can affect your rest. It is proven that regular physical exercise helps to fall asleep. So don’t stop training.

  1. You eliminate fat cells.

Rest manages to eliminate fat. Analyzing and working on the factors that do not let you sleep will help you be more active in the morning. Check out our tips for a more pleasant break. Many experts agree that lack of sleep predisposes the body to obesity or cardiovascular disease. Another curious fact is that sleeping eliminates fat accumulation and burns calories. According to an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition study, sleeping burns up to 5% more calories than resting.

  1. It gives you more energy.

It is obvious to think that physical rest helps you face the day with more energy. After a good night’s sleep, you can meet your training plan with a much better predisposition and, consequently, your performance in the gym is higher. In addition to recharging your energy for the next day, sleeping well helps you have a good and favorable mood.

What is clear is that if you manage to build muscle, you will fight excess fat. And, to get power, there are two essential things: work to get it and rest when you have performed it. After a hard training session, relaxing the body is a necessary step to completing your muscle-building process. In addition, it is proven that fatigue lowers the levels of your body’s synthesis, the proteins responsible for building muscle.

  1. It helps you eat better and healthier.

Going to the supermarket hungry or tired makes you buy much more caloric food. A study from Harvard Medical School found that the brain has less capacity for self-control in the face of caloric food when you sleep little. People who have had insufficient sleep have a less resistant brain reaction to a high-content meal than well-rested people. The prefrontal cortex, the area responsible for regulating behavior, is more inhibited. In addition, healthy food helps you sleep better. Check out our fitness recipes section for new and healthy ideas.