Six Essential Foods in your Nutrition


Almonds stand out for their high calcium content, necessary in your body for strong bones, for their content in vegetable fatty acids and a large amount of potassium, essential for the transmission of nerve impulses. It is the most nutritious dried fruit in the world. Almonds are rich in fiber, protein, vitamins B and E, healthy fats, iron, calcium, and phosphorus, among many others. They will help us obtain an extra energy supply to face the most intense days of training.

They are ideal for snacking between meals.


Salmon is a complete food, rich in omega-three fatty acids that provide the necessary calories that give the body energy. The energy needed for the most comprehensive training days. It is an excellent source of protein of high biological value that helps us gain muscle mass, ideal to consume at night since fatty acids play a fundamental role in regulating the hormonal system.


It is considered one of the most nutritious foods on the planet. The egg enriches physical and mental health by providing vitamins, minerals, proteins, and essential amino acids for the proper functioning of our metabolism. The egg is the best food for a fitness breakfast before starting a long day of training in the gym. The egg turns out to be the perfect ally to healthily gaining muscle mass since the egg white is responsible for activating the synthesis of ingested proteins.


Energy, fiber, protein, fats, and carbohydrates are complete cereal that provides us with many benefits, including an ample supply of unsaturated fatty acids and a good handful of energy and fiber. Among its virtues that stand out are its satiating power, its help to control diabetes, and reduce cholesterol. Oatmeal helps repair and build muscle fibers naturally. Therefore it is a valuable food to increase muscle mass.


The Kiwi is undoubtedly the king of vitamin C, the fruit with more vitamin C than oranges. It helps us obtain more energy for training days; it is rich in mineral salts, especially potassium, almost as much as possible in the banana. Kiwi prevents fluid retention and prevents muscle contraction. Its significant water source will help you stay hydrated. In addition, it contains dietary fiber that helps intestinal transit and strengthens our immune system, provides vitality, and reduces fatigue and tiredness.


Avocado is an extraordinary food with more followers every day. It turns out to be a food with a high content of monounsaturated fats, such as those found in olive oil. It also stands out for its vitamin E, which protects the cell membrane and nucleus. It is a recommended food for athletes as it provides energy and healthy fats to face the most intense exercises in the gym.

food calorie table

We leave you here a caloric table so you can check the specifications of these foods. Keep in mind that the calories are indicative since they can vary depending on the size and method of preparation of each food.

CALORIC TABLE  kcal per 100g

almonds 579 calories

Salmon 137 calories

Egg 155 calories

Oatmeal 389 calories

Kiwi 51 calories

Avocado 160 calories