Do your eyes sink from wearing glasses?

Surely you have ever heard that glasses sink the eyes. If you wear them for many years, over time, you have sunken and small eyes, dark circles, bags, and a more marked eye contour.Read on to discover the results of our research.
The answer is no; your eyes do not sag or shrink from wearing glasses, no matter how long you wear them. It’s an optical effect caused by myopia -correcting lenses and the way they refract light rays entering your eye. This effect is especially noticeable in myopic users with more than 2.00 diopters. The higher the prescription, the smaller your eyes will look and the more they will appear hollow.

The opposite happens with glasses to correct farsightedness: the lenses are thicker in the center. In both cases, it is enough to remove the glasses so that the proper contour and size of the eyes can be seen.
This does not mean that this visual effect is something pleasant and with which we feel comfortable. After all, we all like to feel satisfied with our appearance, as it influences our self-esteem. Read on and discover the best tips to avoid small eyes.

How to avoid sunken eyes
Eye makeup: Good makeup can do miracles when hiding small, sunken eyes. Use a black eyeliner from the inner corner to the outside of the upper lid, making the line thicker as you go to make the eye appear more prominent. To broaden your look, apply a light mascara with a fan effect without going over it, or they will weigh down, and you will achieve the opposite effect. The highlighter plays an essential role in giving expressiveness and size to your eyes. The key points? The lower eyelid and the lacrimal.
The Right Frame: Make sure the eyeglass frame you choose is your face’s proper size and shape. Structures that are too big and thick make your eyes appear smaller as the distance from the eye increases. Opting for smaller and thinner glasses is better to minimize this effect.
Reduced Crystals: Fortunately, very advanced crystal reduction technologies exist today. No matter how many diopters you have, you will no longer have to use thick glasses like the old glass ass. The negative part is that this reduction usually triggers the price of your drinks, making the total cost of the glasses much higher.
Switch to contact lenses: The dog died, and the rabies is over. There is no better way to avoid shrunken eyes than stop wearing glasses and start wearing contacts. But contact lenses have many more advantages, from perfect peripheral vision to complete freedom of movement. Read on to discover them all.

Contact lenses: goodbye to sunken eyes and much more
Switching to contact lenses is the most practical and comfortable solution to avoid the optical effect of sunken eyes directly. As it is placed directly on the cornea, the distance from the eye is invisible, and the image is not deformed, avoiding this unsightly result. But a suitable contact lens is also your best friend in many activities. Discover all the advantages here:
Perfect peripheral vision: With glasses, the visual field is limited to the front of the eyeball, where the lenses are located. The lenses follow the eye’s movement and the gap on the sides of the glasses disappears, allowing you to see even through the corner of the eye and giving you an entire field of vision. This is known as peripheral vision and is essential when driving or exercising, for example.

Total freedom of movement: Surely you remember so many situations in which your glasses have been a nuisance: they get dirty, slip down your nose, and you have to readjust them every few minutes; they can fall or break due to a blow… With contact lenses, you will not have any of those problems. You will be able to enjoy total freedom, and you will have the certainty that if you are doing sports or any physical activity, there will be nothing that limits you.
They do not fog up: The perennial problem of glasses, which do not stop fogging up. We don’t remember how important our sense of sight is until we suddenly lose it. As you can imagine, the lenses do not fog up, which is appreciated when you exercise, cook (remember what happens when you open the oven if you wear glasses?), when entering a secure place after being on the street, or in these critical times, when you wear the mask.

No glare and reflections: You will think that it is not a big deal, but it is the minor annoyances that, in the end, make the experience much more uncomfortable. With contact lenses, forget about changing your seat to avoid a reflection or uncomfortable glare when working on the computer. And you will notice the difference.
It allows you to save: The contact lens market has evolved a lot and, contrary to what many think, using them is not expensive, especially if you have a high prescription and need special lenses. Many types of contact lenses, and indeed there is one for you. If you want to start little by tiny, daily contact lenses are your best option: easier to handle, more comfortable and hygienic, and forget about liquids and maintenance. Also, if you will use them sporadically to make them compatible with glasses, a box of 30 can last you many more days, saving you precious money.