Dental crowding: doubts and treatments

Do you have set or crowded teeth? In that case, we explain the causes of dental crowding and the most effective treatments to correct it. Keep reading!
What is dental crowding?
Among the different alterations that affect the position of the teeth, one very frequent is dental crowding. When the teeth are crowded, it is that they have been “mounted” one on top of the other, invading the space of the adjacent teeth due to a lack of space.
There are different types of dental crowding. One would be genetic, caused by the size of the teeth or the lack of space in the dental arch.
Another would be caused by factors that take place during oral development. For example, caries in a milk tooth could cause the space available in the arch for the permanent tooth to be less, causing dental crowding.

Finally, what is known as late crowding is due to causes during adolescence or later. An example of this could be the growth of wisdom teeth when they do not have enough space to develop.
Why is it essential to have well-aligned teeth?
Most of the patients who come to our dental clinic wanting to fix their crowded teeth do so for an aesthetic reason. It is essential to know that having correctly aligned teeth is also a matter of health.

People with dental crowding have a higher risk of suffering from cavities and other pathologies related to the accumulation of bacteria. The reason is that when the teeth are mounted, it costs much more to carry out effective dental hygiene.
For this reason, as well as to enjoy beautiful and harmonious teeth, we advise you to correct dental crowding.
How to correct crowded teeth?

Orthodontic treatments allow us to solve problems related to the position of the teeth. Choosing the type of system and its duration will depend on the needs and preferences of the patient.
To solve dental crowding, first of all, we have to carry out an orthodontic study. Diagnosis determines the cause of crowding and what is the most appropriate treatment to correct it.
This diagnostic phase is essential since the orthodontist will consider the inclination of the teeth, the type of malocclusion, and the shape and size of the teeth to advise you on the best treatment.

In addition to fixed and removable orthodontic appliances, other techniques allow us to accommodate crowded teeth to align them.
An example of this is dental stripping, which consists of polishing the teeth to generate interdental gaps, creating space so that what can align the teeth.
In addition to orthodontic treatments, we also use techniques such as dental extraction in cases where it is impossible to make room for crowded teeth and expansion is not possible.
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