Bootcamp in Cologne – and the health insurance pays

Do you want to get started again with sport but are rather unmotivated on your own and prefer to train together with other people? – Then, a fitness boot camp could be just the thing for you! In this article, you new will find out what a boot camp is in general and how we organize our boot camp in Cologne. Like our other courses, the costs for our boot camp in Cologne are covered by health insurance. So you can do something good for yourself and your body, and the health insurance pays the costs!

What is a fitness boot camp anyway?

Bootcamp training is carried out in a group and is led by a trained trainer. The aim of the training is that you go to your limits or even grow beyond them. This form of exercise originally comes from the USA and is used by the military there. After Bootcamp Training came to England in 2005 and became very well known there, Bootcamp Training also gained popularity in numerous other countries. There were more and more courses in this area. The fact that Bootcamp training originally comes from the military sector may sound a bit daunting to you – but don’t worry, if you are motivated and ready to push your limits, then Bootcamp training is good for you! Our trainers don’t yell at you either, as is the case with the military, but motivate you with their words without yelling at you. Since Bootcamp training is carried out in a group, the team spirit is in the foreground in addition to your personal goals. It’s not just about achieving something yourself, but also about developing and knowing team spirit – together; we can achieve anything. The trainer of the boot camp training not only gives the exercises but is also there to motivate you. When you have the feeling that it is no longer possible, sometimes, even more, is possible than you think, and in these moments, motivation plays an important role. If you want to get better and better, it is also part of going beyond your limits. Then you know for the next training

How is Bootcamp training designed? 

Bootcamp training can be designed in very different ways. To be able to give you a more precise idea of ​​this, we would like to introduce you to a few examples of the training methods that are used at our Bootcamp in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance:

Circuit training: There are various “stations” in circuit training. Each of these stations is assigned an exercise. In the training course, the circle is run through once or even several times. The exercises of the circle are selected by the trainer and can demand your strength and endurance. Circuit training can be carried out alone or in pairs if the respective stations consist of partner exercises.

HIIT (High-Intensity new Interval Training): As the new name suggests, HIIT training is carried out in the form of intervals. With HIIT, there are exercise phases and recovery phases. The load phases consist of very intense exercises that can quickly push you to your limits – but then there is then the recovery phase. 

Partner exercises: You can do many activities alone and with a partner. For example, you can do sit-ups together and, when you are upstairs, clap your hands with your partner or throw him a ball. Partner exercises can again provide more motivation. On the one hand, you and your partner can motivate each other, and on the other hand, you will notice that the fighting spirit is awakened in you: You don’t want to be the first to give up! 

These are just three exemplary forms of training at our boot camp in Cologne, which are reimbursed or subsidized by the health insurance company. In addition to these designs, there are many more, so that the training is always varied.

What is the goal of Bootcamp Training? 

As already mentioned, Bootcamp training is primarily about pushing your limits and beyond to be able to improve continuously. Regardless of new whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or just get fit, you can achieve all of these goals at our Bootcamp in Cologne, which the health insurance pays for you. The most important new thing is that you regularly take part in our outdoor training in Cologne so that you can see long-term success. This brings us to the new next point: The boot camp location in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance company.

Where does the boot camp training take place in Cologne? 

We are currently offering our boot camp in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance in Cologne Deutz and Cologne Lindenthal. Both boot camps take place outside. The outdoor training in Cologne is of course efficient, especially in summer. Since the training in Cologne takes place in the evening, it is still warm enough outside, but not too warm either. The boot camp in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance company in Cologne Deutz takes place in the south park and the boot camp training in Cologne Lindenthal in the Beethoven park. You can find a more new detailed description of the locations on our website.

For whom is the boot camp training in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance suitable?

In principle, our boot camp is in Cologne with health insurance reimbursement suitable for everyone. As a beginner, we would recommend our indoor boot camp to you. Of course, you can also come to our outdoor training in Cologne. We warmly welcome everyone, regardless of your fitness level. Our trainers will always make sure that you do not overexert yourself and only go to your limits or beyond them within a healthy framework. In addition, your limitations are of course, very individual – your limits can therefore be completely different from those of another course participant. You must new always listen to your body and stop with an exercise when it really no longer works. Whether other course participants persist, your body will give you signals when you have reached your limit. Bootcamp training is about pushing your boundaries and beyond, but everything should be done healthily. We want to challenge you and your body in our boot camp in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance company, but we also don’t want to overwhelm you. This is how we train effectively and without injuries.

What are the advantages of Bootcamp training in Cologne with health insurance reimbursement?

If you like to train together with others, a boot camp is a good choice. You can come to our Bootcamp in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance company alone or, for example, register together with a friend. At our outdoor training in Cologne or indoor training in Cologne, you train with a great community. We pay attention to you and your individual goals. In this way we can adapt exercises specifically to your goals and your level. Especially the outdoor training in CologneIn contrast to courses in the gym, it has the advantage that you train outside in the fresh air. So you can enjoy the weather and at the same time do something good for your body. In addition, boot camp training increases your stamina in the long term and awakens your fighting spirit. This discipline that you develop in sports can also positively affect other areas of life.

Are there any disadvantages?

There are no disadvantages to our boot camp in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance company. We take care of you and your personal goals and that you only do what is good for your body. If you notice that an exercise is not doing you well, our trainers can always show you alternatives. If you think that training in a group is not for you because you have always trained alone, you should still give it a try – you too can discover the advantages of training in a group!

Does your health insurance company also take over the Bootcamp training in Cologne?

ALL statutory health insurances recognize our courses as prevention courses. So (depending on your health insurance company) you will be reimbursed up to 100% of the course costs. The procedure is straightforward: you book your Bootcamp course online, take part regularly, receive a certificate of your participation and then submit it to the health insurance company – and you will get your money back.


No matter what fitness new level you are currently at: If you feel like working out and pushing your limits, our boot camp in Cologne with reimbursement by the health insurance company is just right for you.

Do you want to get fit until your summer vacation? Then come to our boot camp in Cologne.

Do you want to get fitter and do you want to achieve this goal together with other participants? Then come to our boot camp in Cologne.

The reasons for participating in our boot camp in Colognewhat the health insurance company pays to vary. Whether outdoor training in Cologne Deutz / Cologne Lindenthal or indoor training in downtown Cologne – we guarantee you fun and a whole load of motivation. Did we spark your interest? Then take a look here. There you will find information about everything you need to know about our boot camp in Cologne.

We look forward to new seeing you at one of our following boot camps in Cologne.