Best 5 Elasticity Exercises

There are times that we feel that our body is heavy, that it is difficult for us to move or make a movement that we could perform without a problem before. It’s completely normal. This sensation or discomfort is often due to the lack of physical exercise for specific periods. At Snap Fitness, we will help you loosen up your body with the top 5 elasticity exercises that you can incorporate-into your routine.

The preheating

Elasticity goes hand in hand with performing warm-up exercises to avoid the risk of injury and exercise correctly. If we carry out a good warm-up followed by good practice, the results, in the long run, will be visible and very noticeable. As you can well guess, a good introduction will be the basis of this whole pyramid of exercises. Warming up will help reduce the level of stress and-anxiety and prepare our muscles to relax. It will increase the blood flow of our body in general, which will be reflected in an improved heart rate and lung activity to perform sports tasks. What else does a proper warm-up provide?

  • Reduces the chances of getting injured
  • Improves physical performance
  • Promotes a speedy recovery after exercise
  • Improved coordination of muscles
  • Delivers nutrients to tissues that do the heating
  • Improves the elasticity of the muscles

Exercises to improve flexibility

To perform the exercises and improve flexibility once warmed up, it is essential to remember that although we can feel much more elastic, our body has some limitations, and this has only just begun. Next, we will see the five elasticity exercises that we have prepared for you so that your body feels less rusty.

Exercises to improve flexibility: bow posture

This exercise called bow posture will give us a better elasticity in the back. The procedure consists of lying in a horizontal position, and with your chest facing down, you must bend your knees so that you can stretch your arms back and hold onto your ankles. The arms should be extended and not twisted so that your body stimulates the figure of a seesaw or a reverse bow. Try to hold this pose for approximately 25 seconds, and after that, time-release air. You can do this exercise 3 to 5 times without forcing too much. Over time, you will see that you can arch your body a little more or that it will be much easier-for you to hold the curved position of your body.

Exercises to improve flexibility: swan pose

Let’s go with another back exercise. In this case, the swan posture. To carry out this-exercise, you will have to lie down on your stomach as long as your waist rises slightly above the ground level while your legs remain glued to each other and the big toes are together to the other, pointing the heels to both sides. Now, we must support ourselves on the palms of our hands and stretch our arms so that the silhouette of our body is making a kind of semicircle. This pose can be held for about 90 seconds while doing breathing exercises.

Exercises to improve flexibility: shoulder dislocation

In this famous shoulder exercise, we will need an elastic band or a rigid bar that allows us to carry out the movements with greater ease. To perform this exercise correctly, the round or bar must be held so that it crosses us at hip height. Once in position, we raise our arms and pass the exercise material over our heads until it is below our back. When we reach the end of the back, we will do the same movement in the opposite direction and pass it back to the back. We can slightly arch the body while performing the sequence of repetitions without shrugging the shoulders.

Exercises to improve flexibility: English

In this exercise, we will-talk about the butterfly stretch, known to be the one performed by ballet dancers. It works the inner part of the muscles and the adductors. It would be best if you sat with your knees bent and brought the soles of-your feet together, holding them with your hands on your ankles. Applying pressure on your body, you will notice the tension in your body. You can do this-stretch 3 to 5 times for about 25 seconds. This exercise is fantastic for improving lower body flexibility, and you’ll get great results quickly. 

Exercises to improve flexibility: calves

We often do not take them into account, but flexibility in the calves is essential when it comes to running or even walking. A wrong gesture can cause us to injure ourselves in the silliest way. Placing our hands on the wall and stretching our arms, we will make an angle of about 75 degrees and keep one leg pushed back while the other is parallel to our knees. By exerting pressure on the leg that is in the posterior position, we will notice how the part of the calves tenses slightly. We can perform this exercise in 40 seconds and twice with each leg for a correct stretch.